Become a member

How to become a member ?

A membership application is submitted for the approval of the annual meeting, which is held during the first semester. Those entitled to membership are, according to the statutes:
– Non-profit associations, universities, scientific state institutions;
– Private researchers recognized for their work on the archaeological heritage of Wallonia and Brussels;
– Individuals or corporate bodies who are performing activities which contribute to the protection and enhancement of the value of this cultural heritage.

Societies applying for membership are invited to send a copy of their statutes and a summary of their activities to the FAW. It is desirable that a society’s representative should be present at the annual meeting in order to explain the association’s purposes and to answer any relevant questions.

Affiliation to the FAW (for a contribution of 30 € before April, 1. or 35 € after this date) entitles the members to:
– 1 year subscription to the publications Vie archéologique et VA Info,
– restoration of metallic items (from excavations or collections) at cost price,
– publication of national archaeology articles, with the assistance of a graphic artist for the illustrations,
– access to its library (by appointment, MRAH at Brussels)
– access to a computerized inventory on FM Pro, within the context of the AICIM network, of the Ministry of the French Community.

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